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These pages should just have example text

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diff --git a/about.php b/about.php @@ -8,19 +8,8 @@ require "includes/default-start.php"; <div class="article article-headerless"> <a href=""><h1>About</h1></a> -<h3>What is this website?</h3> +<h3>Example text</h3> -<p>I'm not entirely sure, but I'd like to keep adding to it and evolving it, to keep pushing whatever I'm doing here. I find many aspects of the modern web quite tiring and I don't like to play by other people's rules, so this is a world to myself. There are various services, such as <a href="" target="_blank" class="extlink">Neocities</a> which are great for putting the power back into the hands of the people, but it was still too restrictive for me.</p> - -<p>For now it's a bit of an experiment. This website runs no JavaScript, just to make a point. The source code is a few hundred kilobytes. I don't care about your data, who you are, or where you're from, and the only thing I take glee in logging are hilarious failed attempts to try to SSH into my server. I encourage you not to take my word for it and use a VPN/proxy service, or Tor.</p> - -<p>Whatever I do with this, I hope it's worth your visit.</p> - -<h3>What am I?</h3> - -<p>I'm a creative type, but I think most types are inclined artistically first and second to their tools, whereas it's the other way around for me. I'm very particular, and I get restless easily. I don't think there would be anything here otherwise. Feel free to get in touch and get to know me personally, whether to be friends or if you think I can do something for you.</p> - -<center><a href="contact.php">Contact</a></center> -</div> +<p>Example text</p> <?php require "includes/default-end.php"; ?> diff --git a/contact.php b/contact.php @@ -8,26 +8,8 @@ require "includes/default-start.php"; <div class="article article-headerless"> <a href=""><h1>Contact</h1></a> -<ul> - <li class="asidesubitem">Hey</li> - <li class="asidesubitem">I'm a guy with a website</li> - <li class="asidesubitem">I can talk about most things</li> - <li class="asidesubitem">I can easily orchestrate websites - I have years of experience, and this site is a DIY server</li> - <li class="asidesubitem">Likewise, I can manage with most other tech-pertaining concepts</li> - <li class="asidesubitem">Yup</li> -</ul> +<h3>Example text</h3> -<center><a href=""><img height=40 width=40 src="images/mail.png" /></a></center> - -<p>To get in touch, you can reach me on <a href="" class="extlink"></a>.</p> - -<p>Please consider using encryption over e-mail when possible: <a href="key/pubkey.asc" target="_blank">My Public Key</a>. With encryption, e-mail is by far the most secure way of communicating with me.</p> - -<center><a href="key/pubkey.asc" target="_blank"><img height=40 width=40 src="images/key.png" /></a></center> - -<p><i>Any raw code I post directly onto this site (the code is visible and does not need to be opened with an external editor, to be viewed plainly on any page hosted on this domain) is supplied as-is and without any warranty. The code is completely free for anyone to use, share, and modify as they wish, however no guarantees are provided with any of the code that meets the aforementioned criteria.</i></p> - -<p><i>Any images or animations on this site either belong to me, or have been personally edited by me, unless stated otherwise by a reference on the same page as the image or animation. You can share them freely, but please do not claim ownership. If you are the owner to any art, images, or animations hosted here and would like me to remove them, please <a href="">get in touch</a>.</i></p> -</div> +<p>Example text</p> <?php require "includes/default-end.php"; ?>