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2021-05-07 07:54No longer actively using popularityNixx1+2-0
2021-04-11 23:56Change 'popularity' to fit new site configurationNixx1+4-15
2021-04-11 23:51Massive speed up on 'sitevisitors'Nixx1+26-22
2021-04-11 22:48Cut some pointless scriptsNixx2+0-94
2021-04-03 02:04Apply same fix from 'popularity' to 'sitevisitors'Nixx1+2-1
2021-03-22 22:08mkarticle tr bugNixx1+2-2
2021-03-08 19:01No longer using blanketbanNixx1+0-6
2021-02-07 02:43Check and remove escape sequences, further error checking on last checked dateNixx1+14-10
2021-02-06 01:53Popularity bug fixNixx1+4-4
2021-02-05 03:08Bug fix to last visit check on analytics scriptsNixx2+28-4
2021-01-31 18:34Optimise scripts to allow deleting old nginx log entriesNixx3+71-15
2021-01-29 00:29mkarticle accounts for new date method on siteNixx2+4-3
2021-01-02 18:48Should be using tr -d instead of xargsNixx2+2-2
2020-12-30 14:04Added hr to mkarticle, some more tweaksNixx3+22-16
2020-12-29 20:34Make generatestats a bit less bold and annoying.Nixx1+8-6
2020-12-29 20:22Added 'popularity' script.Nixx1+138-0
2020-12-29 16:50Remove depreciated 'center' tag.Nixx1+2-2
2020-12-27 17:33Quick fix to mkarticle.Nixx1+3-3
2020-12-21 10:04Point to bash rather than plain sh.Nixx7+7-12
2020-12-12 01:00Adding alt tags to mkarticle, to make myself use them properlyNixx1+16-10
2020-11-08 23:02Adding author to mkrss scriptNixx1+3-0
2020-11-07 20:29Another little bug on mkarticleNixx1+1-1
2020-11-07 20:20A tiny typo fix on mkarticleNixx1+1-1
2020-11-06 21:41Removing unnecessary code from mkrssNixx1+1-1
2020-11-06 21:21Fixing a foolish variable name problemNixx1+6-6
2020-10-25 22:39Added quote handle to mkarticleNixx1+3-0
2020-10-25 19:26Minor help message fixNixx1+2-2
2020-10-25 17:42Simply renaming makerss -> mkrss, in line with other scriptsNixx1+0-0
2020-10-25 17:23Added mkarticle - HTML formatting scriptNixx1+190-0
2020-09-25 15:16Escaping ampersand for sedNixx1+1-1
2020-09-25 02:14Added RSS feed scriptNixx1+70-0
2020-09-20 18:34Revamp blanketban scriptNixx2+29-34
2020-09-01 10:49Added stagit script for Git reposNixx1+40-0
2020-08-31 17:37Added colour scriptNixx1+73-0
2020-08-30 20:27blanketban - removed unnecessary code, notify if a ban fails, more precise blockingNixx1+4-4
2020-08-30 11:36Not necesary to manually chmod, executable flag is copied downNixx1+1-1
2020-08-30 11:28Initial commitNixx5+809-0